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Auxilary Magazine: “Identity Warrior” shoot

Special thanks to Tasha Farrington – the incredible stylist who did the shoot for Auxillary Magazine this spring.  She’s awesome – and full of fun too.  She organizes the shoots, chooses the models, clothes – she’s got the Vision.  She always supports local artists and designers whenever she can – and she’s an editor at Auxiliary Magazine too. 
Pretty Deadly Stylz – my Tasha darling. ! 
MODEL: Rama Lucksiarto
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Beached – found object, rust, broken windshield glass, wood

The free standing sculptures are works in progress.  Well, so is a lot of my work – but these even more so.  Each one has taken ages to make – and each one will be quite different.  Currently, there is a series of small sculptures that were designed to be “held in two hands”. 

I love recycling – and found objects.  I never really understood the term “found objects” when I first started exploring art years ago.  I thought it would have to be found… by me… not purchased.  I am certain there is a debate about what should be/ is / could be considered a “found object”.  🙂

My own personal work does involve many object that I have found myself.  BEACHED – was once I think, a child’s toy ship – made of lovely metal.  Quite the discarded treasure.  The wood comes from the Leslie Spit in Toronto – a rough beach where all the detrius of the summer piles on the shore.  The glass comes from various windshields – found and picked off the Toronto streets.   It is quite a heavy piece because of the layers of glass.   Finally, the “shore” is rusted metal – and little bits of pocket watch pieces as well.

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Macro Photography

bee on a flower

colourful explosion

I’ve been quite the avid photographer and had a few gallery shows.  Lately though I’ve had less and less time to take photos.  I began with film – and then moved to digital, but never had the money to buy really great cameras.  Mostly I’ve used good quality Cannon cameras – now all old and out-dated like my beloved and much-abused Canon G6. 

Technically some of this might not qualify as Macro photography.  Maybe just “close up” photography.  I am no pro – but I do it for love.

There are quite a few abstract photos – some fun, some funny, some strange… well quite a few strange. 🙂