The Robot Army

Minions Unite!  Just a sample of some of The Robot Army… Pretty much every one has been sold, so do look for new work as it becomes available.

Vacuum Tubes such as these were used in computers, amplifiers as well as TV’s and radios. I work with found materials like the old vacuum tubes from my grandfather’s house and combine them with various found objects – recycled scraps and old beads. Whatever is appropriate.

I’m a cybperpunk / Steampunk fan and artisan – and often I imagine these little fellows causing great havoc, perhaps taking over the world.  Right now, they only move when no one is looking.  But trust me… they do move. 😉

I really enjoy taking old tech and recreating it into something wonderful.  I’ve got a fridge full of hard drive magnets.   I’m inspired by some of my favorite geeky shows like Futurama, Doctor Who and any old science fiction movie from the 1950s and 1960s.  r 1 Space explorer bot 1