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Single Special steampunk Earrings – unique compositions

So, I’ve been either working on the robots or preparing for the recent Steam On Queen show – which was a smashing success. So many of the robots vanished – over 70%. Which was a bit insane.

Now the madness is done, I’m just going to post up a bit of new work – some earrings I’ve designed. Because they use the smallest gears – and some thin, thin pieces – I’ve wired them together. This allows me to use pieces that are otherwise too small / too thin to use anywhere else.

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Craft Show: Frost Bite Report

This weekend I did a new craft show put on by the kind folk who organized the Bazaar of the Bizarre!  The new winter show, “Frost Bite”, was in a new location – at The Great Hall on Queen Street.  For me it was a great show – lots of vendors who have wonderful work – artists, jewelers, clothing designers and more.

The venue was a lot of fun – well spaced out – with enough room to move for the crowds (and yes, there were crowds), and enough space for the vendors too.  It almost felt roomy!  The lighting was quite good – though the 2nd room had better day-lighting.  Unfortunately I didn’t get more then 2 minutes to check it out.  Most of my time was spent behind my table talking about the work, and sometimes explaining the Materials.

What makes a successful craft show is, for me, a delicate combination of vendors and the general public. The Bazaar of the Bizarre people really seem to have found a good niche – appealing to alternative folk, artists, goths, geeks, punks and anyone who appreciates the unusual.  They seem to have selected a good group of vendors.  I was parked beside another jeweler – which often happens – since there are so many jewelry makers around.  The woman beside me though had a lot of silver jewelry, so it was a good contrast to my own “mixed media” work. I was quite impressed with some of the jewelry at the show – after  a while I’ve started to recognize people and their work.

The jewelry selection in any craft show is really critical.  Often people seem to think that jewelry is something that is “easy” to make and sell, but there are so very many vendors, some shows will refuse to take more then 25-35% jewelry.  There are just so many of us!  It makes it very difficult to get into these shows, though I’ve been quite fortunate with my steampunk jewelry, I’ve gotten into every show I’ve applied to – but then I don’t do a lot of shows.  It helps to take good photos and really strive to create something different.  So many of my pieces are meant to tell a story – even the simple ones.  I also tend to recycle a lot of materials – pocket watches, watches, scrap metal, bits of broken jewelry, glass – well okay, just about anything I can find.  🙂

The biggest thrill this weekend for me personally was quite unexpected.  My art piece, “Collapse”, – a  wall sculpture was purchased.  I honestly was quite unprepared – mostly I had thought people might come and be curious about it – but I didn’t think anyone would actually buy it.  I know, silly, but true.  I am .. .just thrilled… that it will now be in someone’s home.  It was a very personal piece, and I’m so happy someone owns it now.

There were a few special pieces too that were sold.  I’ve a good memory for some work – one, the customer named, “Bee on time” was a small woman’s wrist watch case with a partial movement inside, and a tiny bee.  Another had a lovely brass stamped angel who arched around a mother-of-pearl button, placed on a movement.  Two of my Vacuum tubes went – one a very masculine piece – with a thick copper chain.  A U-tube necklace made from a stop-motion flash has found a new home.  Sometimes I’m amazed some things have Not sold – and sometimes I instantly wish I’d hung on to some just a bit longer.

I always love it when a fellow is buying something for his partner at these shows.  Often they will circle back and whisper, “psst… that necklace my wife liked….” and I’ll slip it into a box.  These are always fun little moments of connection.  I think i just enjoy the .. sneakiness of it.

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Vacuum Tube Necklaces

one of my older vacuum tube necklaces

The Vacuum Tube Necklaces are some of my favorite designs.  They are the ultimate cyber-slick bits of old technology.  I don’t always have them listed on my etsy site – simply because I like to constantly make new pieces of work – and I can’t always take the time to upload them.  I will often custom make the chain out of recycled bits of hardware. recycled bits of hardware and new chain mix togetherAlmost every chain is different – it depends on what I have available and what I’m in the mood to create.

I do a lot of these as custom pieces, designing the length and discussing the various vacuum tubes I have available.  I always have a few around, waiting for me to create.
These were in WIRED Magazine a while back – Clive Thompson wrote about them.  It was a geek girl’s dream.  Even better – Willam Gibson has one – though I understand his wife scooped it up, and quite likes it.  🙂
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Explore the Stars

unique, handmade steampunk jewelry by ClockworkZero

This dynamic steampunk necklace is a design full of gears, brass, arrows and a small silver compass will guide any explorer.  A 100 year-old pocket watch base is layered with detail, from a tiny glow-in-the-dark arrow to hand tinted steel gears.  Pefect for any steampunk lover, this unique one-of-a-kind abstract design will enchant you.

A sterling silver compass charm points to the north – I love this star design for all the tiny detail. A traveller will admire a small arrow in brass mounted over a dark tinted gear.  These gears have to be hand tinted to achieve the color – and this one is dark with a purple hue.   Beside it a small wrist watch arrow-head glows in the dark.  I took apart a men’s wrist watch and used the unual hand.  It’s very small and enchanting. 

The movement is over 100 yrs old – from a fine pocket watch.  Damaskeeing – also known as guilloche surrounds the edge.

This piece will be a great gift for the pilot or explorer in your life, or for yourself! I’ve always drempt of touring the world, seeing far off lands and the stars. Currently I’m working on a few “Pilot Necklaces” but this one is likely one of the more detailed, and the only one that will have so many silver-tone elements.

It is 1.75 inches across – about 4.3cm. A very unique and one of a kind piece.  I’ve placed it on a simple nickel-free chain that is about 15.5 inches long.

Questions? Feel free to write me  My personal email address is @gmail

original steampunk necklace by clockworkzero
hand tinted gears, pocket watch movement - a unique piece