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Fun Graphics: Octopi, Kraken t-shirts

Kraken attack!

So, when I’ve got a few spare minutes and feel creative I play with images – some steampunk graphics, some abstracts, some graphics based on scanned/reworked images from the late 1800s.   

Originally I wanted a Kraken t-shirt for myself and couldn’t find one.  So of course there was nothing left to do but to design it myself – based on a print from a book on sea monsters that was printed in the late 1800s.  The original print was a woodblock print – which meant of course it was not so great an image without a lot of “clean up”.  This design took a while – but I’m so happy with it.  Over on I’ve sold a number of these Kraken Attack t-shirts over the years.  I imagine a few pirates out there are wearing them now. heh.   Just to keep things simple, the t-shirt store is here:

a great t-shirt design on my clockworkzero zazzle store

The octopus is one of my favorites – and wow, did it take a while to design as a graphic!  It was based on the drawings from the research vessels in the mid-1800s.   I took the image and cleaned it up, added some little flourishes, and added a lot of texture.  The suction cups are just awesome… and they took even longer to recreate.  

I’ve kept a store for years now – first so that I could get some personal t-shirts made, and then later as people asked me to create a few images, and finally because it’s quite cool to think that someone out there is wearing my tshirt!  I don’t sell a lot of them – they are pretty much specialized (i suspect Cthulu lovers buy them too!).   I ended up doing a few different Deep Sea Creature designs… some of them are over here: