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Explore the Stars

unique, handmade steampunk jewelry by ClockworkZero

This dynamic steampunk necklace is a design full of gears, brass, arrows and a small silver compass will guide any explorer.  A 100 year-old pocket watch base is layered with detail, from a tiny glow-in-the-dark arrow to hand tinted steel gears.  Pefect for any steampunk lover, this unique one-of-a-kind abstract design will enchant you.

A sterling silver compass charm points to the north – I love this star design for all the tiny detail. A traveller will admire a small arrow in brass mounted over a dark tinted gear.  These gears have to be hand tinted to achieve the color – and this one is dark with a purple hue.   Beside it a small wrist watch arrow-head glows in the dark.  I took apart a men’s wrist watch and used the unual hand.  It’s very small and enchanting. 

The movement is over 100 yrs old – from a fine pocket watch.  Damaskeeing – also known as guilloche surrounds the edge.

This piece will be a great gift for the pilot or explorer in your life, or for yourself! I’ve always drempt of touring the world, seeing far off lands and the stars. Currently I’m working on a few “Pilot Necklaces” but this one is likely one of the more detailed, and the only one that will have so many silver-tone elements.

It is 1.75 inches across – about 4.3cm. A very unique and one of a kind piece.  I’ve placed it on a simple nickel-free chain that is about 15.5 inches long.

Questions? Feel free to write me  My personal email address is @gmail

original steampunk necklace by clockworkzero
hand tinted gears, pocket watch movement - a unique piece