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Vacuum Tube Necklaces

one of my older vacuum tube necklaces

The Vacuum Tube Necklaces are some of my favorite designs.  They are the ultimate cyber-slick bits of old technology.  I don’t always have them listed on my etsy site – simply because I like to constantly make new pieces of work – and I can’t always take the time to upload them.  I will often custom make the chain out of recycled bits of hardware. recycled bits of hardware and new chain mix togetherAlmost every chain is different – it depends on what I have available and what I’m in the mood to create.

I do a lot of these as custom pieces, designing the length and discussing the various vacuum tubes I have available.  I always have a few around, waiting for me to create.
These were in WIRED Magazine a while back – Clive Thompson wrote about them.  It was a geek girl’s dream.  Even better – Willam Gibson has one – though I understand his wife scooped it up, and quite likes it.  🙂