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coming soon….

Well, I’ve got them made but I’m not quite ready to share them with everyone. 🙂

I made kaleidoscopes when I was a child with my family… then when I was in my 20’s I made a few more.  It was only recently I began to make new ones…. so stay tuned!  Fun to come.

a pretty cool kalidoscope image - stay tuned for more!
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Macro Photography

bee on a flower

colourful explosion

I’ve been quite the avid photographer and had a few gallery shows.  Lately though I’ve had less and less time to take photos.  I began with film – and then moved to digital, but never had the money to buy really great cameras.  Mostly I’ve used good quality Cannon cameras – now all old and out-dated like my beloved and much-abused Canon G6. 

Technically some of this might not qualify as Macro photography.  Maybe just “close up” photography.  I am no pro – but I do it for love.

There are quite a few abstract photos – some fun, some funny, some strange… well quite a few strange. 🙂

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Toronto Brickworks photos

I adore the Toronto Brickworks and was thrilled to partake in the recent Maker’s Faire held at the site.  Before the renovations it was a wonderfully creepy place to go explore – and many, many photographers would sneak in through the broken chain link fence and scale the heights.

summer in the brickworks before the renovations

I am only uploading smaller photos here – but if you would like to contact me about a print, please leave a comment or drop me an email. 

I had originally been worried that all the amazing bits of the brickworks would be destroyed, but the renovations are fantastic.  Evidently there was a push to get rid of the fantastic tags and scrawls done by urban artists – so I’m thrilled to see it is all still there.
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Vacuum Tube Necklaces

one of my older vacuum tube necklaces

The Vacuum Tube Necklaces are some of my favorite designs.  They are the ultimate cyber-slick bits of old technology.  I don’t always have them listed on my etsy site – simply because I like to constantly make new pieces of work – and I can’t always take the time to upload them.  I will often custom make the chain out of recycled bits of hardware. recycled bits of hardware and new chain mix togetherAlmost every chain is different – it depends on what I have available and what I’m in the mood to create.

I do a lot of these as custom pieces, designing the length and discussing the various vacuum tubes I have available.  I always have a few around, waiting for me to create.
These were in WIRED Magazine a while back – Clive Thompson wrote about them.  It was a geek girl’s dream.  Even better – Willam Gibson has one – though I understand his wife scooped it up, and quite likes it.  🙂
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Explore the Stars

unique, handmade steampunk jewelry by ClockworkZero

This dynamic steampunk necklace is a design full of gears, brass, arrows and a small silver compass will guide any explorer.  A 100 year-old pocket watch base is layered with detail, from a tiny glow-in-the-dark arrow to hand tinted steel gears.  Pefect for any steampunk lover, this unique one-of-a-kind abstract design will enchant you.

A sterling silver compass charm points to the north – I love this star design for all the tiny detail. A traveller will admire a small arrow in brass mounted over a dark tinted gear.  These gears have to be hand tinted to achieve the color – and this one is dark with a purple hue.   Beside it a small wrist watch arrow-head glows in the dark.  I took apart a men’s wrist watch and used the unual hand.  It’s very small and enchanting. 

The movement is over 100 yrs old – from a fine pocket watch.  Damaskeeing – also known as guilloche surrounds the edge.

This piece will be a great gift for the pilot or explorer in your life, or for yourself! I’ve always drempt of touring the world, seeing far off lands and the stars. Currently I’m working on a few “Pilot Necklaces” but this one is likely one of the more detailed, and the only one that will have so many silver-tone elements.

It is 1.75 inches across – about 4.3cm. A very unique and one of a kind piece.  I’ve placed it on a simple nickel-free chain that is about 15.5 inches long.

Questions? Feel free to write me  My personal email address is @gmail

original steampunk necklace by clockworkzero
hand tinted gears, pocket watch movement - a unique piece