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Still Life / Still Death Photos


One day I’ll put on a show with these – printed out and set into nice black frames.  The originals are all around 2500px square – so not a terrible size to print.  I’m quite happy with the Vivid Collapse – taken about a week apart – this tulip still had a brilliance even long beyond its prime.

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Macro Photography

bee on a flower

colourful explosion

I’ve been quite the avid photographer and had a few gallery shows.  Lately though I’ve had less and less time to take photos.  I began with film – and then moved to digital, but never had the money to buy really great cameras.  Mostly I’ve used good quality Cannon cameras – now all old and out-dated like my beloved and much-abused Canon G6. 

Technically some of this might not qualify as Macro photography.  Maybe just “close up” photography.  I am no pro – but I do it for love.

There are quite a few abstract photos – some fun, some funny, some strange… well quite a few strange. 🙂

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Toronto Brickworks photos

I adore the Toronto Brickworks and was thrilled to partake in the recent Maker’s Faire held at the site.  Before the renovations it was a wonderfully creepy place to go explore – and many, many photographers would sneak in through the broken chain link fence and scale the heights.

summer in the brickworks before the renovations

I am only uploading smaller photos here – but if you would like to contact me about a print, please leave a comment or drop me an email. 

I had originally been worried that all the amazing bits of the brickworks would be destroyed, but the renovations are fantastic.  Evidently there was a push to get rid of the fantastic tags and scrawls done by urban artists – so I’m thrilled to see it is all still there.