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Still Life / Still Death Photos


One day I’ll put on a show with these – printed out and set into nice black frames.  The originals are all around 2500px square – so not a terrible size to print.  I’m quite happy with the Vivid Collapse – taken about a week apart – this tulip still had a brilliance even long beyond its prime.

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Designs and Photos

What to do with photos?  I was an addict for a while – with macro photos in particular.  I’ve taken hundreds, thousands.  Lately, I’ve been working with Zazzle products – so at least I’ve now got a way to share some of my work – beside the usual posting.  

I opened a steampunk phone store on Zazzle recently – and it’s been so much fun designing steampunk-related photos and putting them on iphones and whatever other phones catch my fancy.  Some of them are photos of gears that I’ve taken from clocks, pocket watches, wrist watches etc.  Some of them are just pure creations – again based off photographs – like the industrial iphone skins.

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Auxilary Magazine: “Identity Warrior” shoot

Special thanks to Tasha Farrington – the incredible stylist who did the shoot for Auxillary Magazine this spring.  She’s awesome – and full of fun too.  She organizes the shoots, chooses the models, clothes – she’s got the Vision.  She always supports local artists and designers whenever she can – and she’s an editor at Auxiliary Magazine too. 
Pretty Deadly Stylz – my Tasha darling. ! 
MODEL: Rama Lucksiarto
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Macro Photography

bee on a flower

colourful explosion

I’ve been quite the avid photographer and had a few gallery shows.  Lately though I’ve had less and less time to take photos.  I began with film – and then moved to digital, but never had the money to buy really great cameras.  Mostly I’ve used good quality Cannon cameras – now all old and out-dated like my beloved and much-abused Canon G6. 

Technically some of this might not qualify as Macro photography.  Maybe just “close up” photography.  I am no pro – but I do it for love.

There are quite a few abstract photos – some fun, some funny, some strange… well quite a few strange. 🙂

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Toronto Brickworks photos

I adore the Toronto Brickworks and was thrilled to partake in the recent Maker’s Faire held at the site.  Before the renovations it was a wonderfully creepy place to go explore – and many, many photographers would sneak in through the broken chain link fence and scale the heights.

summer in the brickworks before the renovations

I am only uploading smaller photos here – but if you would like to contact me about a print, please leave a comment or drop me an email. 

I had originally been worried that all the amazing bits of the brickworks would be destroyed, but the renovations are fantastic.  Evidently there was a push to get rid of the fantastic tags and scrawls done by urban artists – so I’m thrilled to see it is all still there.