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Raven Head sculpture

Sometimes I begin things and they don’t lead anywhere – sadly, the Big Rook sculpture is one of those projects.  I’ll drop some photos of the project behind a cut tag.   

Ravens and crows are my favourite birds – intelligent, clever and that lovely glossy black attitude. Here’s my first little sculpture.  The original (oil based clay) is still sitting around somewhere and I’ve been casting this in a variety of materials. I’ll be making these and posting them on Etsy.

So far I’ve done 3 sculptures – the one in my hand in the photo and the one behind it with the clockwork in the design – and the one I’ve yet to finish, Big Rook. I really wish my dad was around to discuss mould-creation with me. sigh.

A new cast from the Small Raven Head mould I made about a year ago.

Read and see some photos of The Big Raven sculpture ..

I began this piece about a year ago – when I picked up a block of oil-based modelling clay. I had no intention of actually sculpting – I bought it because I planned on making some simple moulds and thought I might need it. I’d seen it used in YouTube videos.  Instead, I began to sculpt and of course I decided to make a raven head. No need to start simply!

This is my 3rd sculpture I’m calling Big Head Raven though at various points it has been called Baldy, and Old Raven depending on the stage.  Considering that I’ve not sculpted since High School, I’m pleased, though I wonder if I’m a bit mad to make something so big so fast.  Nothing like a challenge! Here’s a few of the photos I took along the way. I’ve pretty much finished it but I don’t know where to go from here.  Originally I was hoping to cast the head which IMHO would just be lovely.  Unfortunately, it is a bit beyond my current mould-making and casting abilities.  I will though, eventually, make a mould of this lovely raven. 

Click on the images to find out a bit more…

I framed out the sculpture one morning in a few hours.

Old Baldy gets some feathers:

It took a day or two to figure out how to make feathers…

Building the details around the eyes:

following the pattern of feathers around the eye.

Baldy gets some feather work done. I eventually had to move her onto a different base because I needed my cutting board back!

Debalding the Raven