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Clockwork Death’s Head Moths – fantasy in flight

Well, there is still work to be done on these little Death’s Head Moths.  I always find more work to be done after I’ve taken a few photos.  The slightly larger moth needs some paint touch up and a coat of some kind of varnish to make certain those wrist watch gears don’t pop off.  sigh.  I’m not really using glue on these creations – but epoxy. Epoxy tends to be stronger.

I built some wings in clay and then made a mould. These two moths show off the 3 wing designs I made last week. The colours are brilliant. I’m using metallic powders and working them into the epoxy which makes them shinier and more durable. 

Now I’ve got to figure out how to display them. They look wonderful of course just sitting on the table. I am debating. I could mount them in shadow boxes – making it a bit easier to ship, but more expensive.  I could also build a little loop to hang them on a wall – which looks great.  They might though break if they are knocked off the wall.  I do like the wall idea – with a loop to go over a nail. This allows them to be touched – so there is no barrier between the piece and the viewer. hmmm. I guess I’ll need to experiment more. 

Some projects and ideas take a lot longer to bring to completion – and the new insects are taking days to complete due to the various drying times. This is though, pretty much the most free time I have had in about 5 years, so I’m taking advantage of it as much as possible.  I get up at 6am, pack a lunch and make breakfast for the Big Bad, and then I usually start working around 8am, after he’s gone to work.  The only person who really pesters me these days is The Cat. 🙂  but he’s a good pest, and makes certain I get up occasionally. Otherwise I would likely sit building insect wings for 8 hours and emerge from a daze.