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New Butterfly Sculptures

IMG_6232    Well, I’ve expanded The Robot Army in the past few weeks. I’ve always made insect sculptures and included insects in my jewelry too. When I was approached for the Active Surplus Art Show I decided to create a few new pieces. I wanted to give the older butterflies some new wings. I had a bunch of paper kicking around, and had been close to tossing some out. Then I decided to paint the wings… on plastic. They came out okay, but I really wanted something outstanding.

The first few experiments involved some old plastic ribbon I had – and the ideas started rolling in from there.

After several tries I now draw the wing pattern based on photos and spend time coloring each layer. Most of the wings are 2 or 3 layers of plastic, old Japanese paper (that I bought in 1992 or so), and whatever I can find. So far, I’m pretty pleased.

I’ve so far made Luna Moths, Blue Morpho, Monarch and The Ulysses Butterfly (above)


IMG_6234IMG_6237Monarch 1luna moth