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Sculptural robots and future plans

More robot photos…

Robbie the RobotSpace Explorer Robot

There’s been a lot of ups and downs in my life over the past year. A lot to do with an aging family, and whatnot. I’m currently on “hiatus” with the job so I’m able to do a lot of other work.  I found setting goals each day really helps – even if it’s with fun stuff like the robot sculptures.  These two fellows are quite different.  “Robby the Robot” (I always thought it was Robbie.. ops)… really doesn’t look too much like the original Forbidden Planet icon except for the head.  It is the head that makes it.  The other little fellow – has a great antenna set – the coil imho looks more like a bouffant.  Bouffant bot? I actually think of this robot more as Cool Bot.  Must be the hair.